Well, looks like another 1AM post. :)

I’ve been searching through many people’s blogs lately, and I’ve decided I need to get up and do something. I feel like everyone I’ve read about has a story. I don’t… I feel like I need to do something, take up a new interest, make something happen, you know? It’s a weird feeling, but I feel like I need to make my own destiny because destiny isn’t making it for me. The only places destiny has taken me so far is to the couch. I don’t want to sit back and watch my life go by! I need to get up and do SOMETHING! But for now, I think I’ll just eat some Lucky Charms.



Well, I’ve been really social all week. Someone has always been over at my house or I’ve been at theirs. To be honest, it is hard to be social (and I’m not only saying that because I’m lazy.) I feel like it takes effort to talk to people and have conversations! It’s made me tired! I spent today totally alone, and it was kind of nice. I think everyone needs a day alone every once in a while. Everyone needs space, right? At the same time, there are people that can be with other people every second of everyday. That’s why I’ll never be super popular or anything. Even when I am “social” I’m with one or two friends, and we watch a movie or something. It’s not like we go party or to some cool place to hangout everyday like the popular kids. I wish I could be like them; their lives seem like so much fun! My life is fine and all, but it’d be cool to live a day in their shoes. The grass is always greener, right? 

Thanks everyone!

I am so impressed that people are now following my blog and enjoying it. I thought no one would ever see this! I checked my email just a moment ago (I’ve been on vacation for a week or so) and I was amazed to see I had 42 emails! I am so grateful for the people that are following me and commenting on my pictures. It makes me feel like what I’m doing is really worthwhile. I am happy to keep posting, thanks guys! 🙂

Well, (don’t all great stories start with well?)

Well, (don’t all great stories start with well?) Today was pretty average. PLOT TWIST. I ended up going to Costco and running stupid errands with my mom. Why do parents take kids on errands? Don’t they know that we don’t want to go or that it’ll just take longer if we tag along? Well, I’ve made it perfectly clear to my mom that I don’t want to go on any sort of errands, unless it involves clothes, that is. Maybe they think its some sort of family time so when they die they can think, “I spent quality time with my children.” In reality, we both know its living hell! I can think of many less painful ways we could spend “family time.” Anyway, I love my mother, but I’s prefer not to go on any more errands. 🙂


Its 1AM and I have no idea why I’m still awake. I feel like something is keeping me up. I’m not stressed about anything, I’m not too terribly unhappy with anything either. Maybe there’s something awaiting me in the future, or maybe something bad happened that I’m unaware of. Either way somethings probably happening or will happen soon. I’m not sure how I know this; its kind of a hunch. Its sort of like they way old people know when a storms coming. It’s a very strange feeling.


Its funny, I’m not sure what my motive for making this blog was. Was it to gain some sort of internet fame? Was is to rant on about how “miserable” my life is? Why did I even make this blog? I know I’m just typing, and I know no one will even see it. I’m stating to feel like thats how life is. You do something, and no one sees it. When I die, most people won’t even know who I was in the first place. But the again, do I even want people to know who I am? So I can be constantly harassed and be in the public eye all the time? I don’t want that either. I’m in this unhappy place between wanting to be noticed and wanting to remain a secret. I’m not sure which is best.